Unique technology

Proprietary algae cultivation by Phycom

In five steps to food and feed safe algae

As one of the very few companies able to do so, Phycom produces microalgae on an industrial scale. We do this by using the proprietary technology that we have developed since 2009. It enables us to create food and feed safe algae at a low cost and large scale. We have proven that Phycom can do this, challenging: price, quality, sustainability and volume.

Phycom’s proprietary and unique cultivation system lowers the high cost traditionally associated with microalgae production. Phycom’s biotech design is circular where possible hence sustainable. And also entirely closed, guaranteeing the quality of the microalgae produced. We have several factories operational already.

The result is high-quality, food-safe microalgae with superior purity and consistent quality. Phycom’s quality assurance management system is FSSC22000 and GMP+ certified.

Please find out more about our Five-step method.

Schematics full operational production plant

Five Step Method


Selection and axenicity control

Phycom selects the best algae strains. We have developed techniques to make the culture axenic the culture, i.e. to clean it, and to eliminate unwanted organisms such as bacteria and other unwanted contaminants that adhere to algae and grow in parallel with it. So in the beginning the culture is pure and completely free of all contaminants. Only then do we use the microalgae for production.



When the axenicity check is completed, biomass production begins. The algae cells grow in a completely closed biotech system. During cultivation, we monitor and control the growth from start to finish.


Algae harvest

We harvest the microalgae. The water is separated from the algae, creating a yogurt-like paste.


Algae drying

Immediately after harvesting, we process the algae paste by drying the biomass. The drying temperature and speed are optimized to maintain the high-quality nutritional profile of the microalgae. This step results in brittle algae flakes.


Algae milling & packing

After drying, the brittle algae flakes are blown directly into the grinding installation with the air. There, the algae flakes are ground into a fine powder. The algae powder is then packed in light and airtight bags to preserve the colour and valuable nutrients.


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