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Algae by Phycom | better planet, better health

Full scale algae production

Phycom has developed a sustainable and full-scale industrial production system. With two full-scale factories operational, Phycom is one of Europe’s largest and most innovative algae producers. The factories operate a closed production system applying a unique technology using fermentors.

The result is high-quality, food-safe microalgae with superior purity and consistent quality. Phycom’s quality management system is fully certified, assuring food and feed safety.

Drawing on its expertise and experience, Phycom works closely with the food and feed industries to identify innovative product applications using microalgae. The large-scale production of algae also offers economic benefits and excellent delivery reliability.

Quality control

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 the UN launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals as an action plan for a better and more sustainable world for all by 2030. At Phycom, we focus on a couple of these goals that we believe can most strongly impact our mission. The sustainable impact of algae is threefold: algae provide a large quantity of nutritious food, minimise the environmental effects of food production and contribute to a healthier global population by providing nutrients our diet has become deficient.

Phycom's SDG-focus

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The benefits of microalgae from Phycom


Phycom makes large-scale production of microalgae possible. It offers economic benefits and very high delivery reliability of the algae.


Phycom works closely with the industry to identify innovative product applications where algae's functional and nutritional properties come into their own.


Phycom's fully closed production system with strict process controls results in superior purity and quality algae. Phycom is FSSC22000 and GMP+ certified.


Phycom has one of the most extensive microalgae production facilities in Europe, enabling it to deliver quickly and in different compositions and product forms.


Phycom seeks to promote the development of new products containing microalgae, mainly in collaboration with the business community and knowledge institutions. The partnerships with National Sports Centre Papendal, Wageningen Livestock Research, Micro-algen Platform and Feed Design Lab are good examples.

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We bridge the food gap

Various social developments and trends have a major impact on the entire food chain. The forces influence food consumption and food supply. Shortly, we are heading for an imminent food gap, supply and demand are in an imbalance. Microalgae promise to play a crucial role in this food gap.

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