Why Algae

Healthier, more and sustainably produced food

Algae by Phycom

better planet, better health

Microalgae grow ten times faster than traditional crops or plants and can be harvested much more often, even weekly, than the twice a year harvest of conventional plants.
Algae do not need fertiliser, pesticides or large amounts of scarce water and land that traditional agriculture needs. Algae can produce more food, healthier food, and algae can uniquely be full-circle, sustainably produced every step of the way. Algae are omnipresent; everywhere in nature, particularly in our oceans, algae provide 80% of the oxygen we breathe and absorb 50% of the CO2 on earth.

We don’t see more used and produced algae because they are challenging to cultivate safely, suitable for human food and animal feed. Phycom has created new technologies that do just that; produce algae sustainably and on an industrial scale.

fresh creamy Algae by Phycom

We bridge the food gap

Various social developments and trends have a major impact on the entire food chain. The forces influence food consumption and food supply. Shortly, we are heading for an imminent food gap, supply and demand are in an imbalance. Microalgae promise to play a crucial role in this food gap.

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