algea harvest

The strong step-by-step procesflow

We monitor and control the growth from start to finish. The fully closed cultivation system ensures a continuous output; year-round, guaranteeing the availability of nutritious food ingredients.

Selection and axenicity control
We start by selecting the best algae strains. We have developed techniques to make the culture axenic, i.e. to clean it and eliminate unwanted organisms such as bacteria and other undesirable contaminants that adhere to algae and grow in parallel with it. So, at the start, the culture is pure and completely free of all contaminants. Only then are the algae ready for production.

When we complete the axenicity check, biomass production begins, cultivating the algae cells in a completely closed biotech system. During cultivation, we monitor and control the growth from start to finish.

Algae harvest
We harvest the microalgae. The water is separated from the algae, creating a yoghurt-like paste.

Algae drying
Immediately after harvesting, we process the algae paste by drying the biomass. The drying processes are plant-dependent, With drum dryers optimising temperature and speed, maintaining the high-quality nutritional profile of the microalgae. This step results in brittle algae flakes.
Spray dryers maximise product output by skipping the milling step.

Algae milling & packing
The drum dryer processes the algae to brittle algae flakes. These are then air blown directly into the grinding installation. There, the automated machine mills the algae flakes into a fine powder. We pack the algae powder in light and airtight bags to preserve the colour and valuable nutrients.