The Protein Revolution, the future of food

Proteins play a crucial role in human health. And with rising income levels and a multiplying global population, the demand for protein is increasing. What does this mean for supply? Traditional protein sources will not be the answer, with their drastic environmental implications, animal welfare concerns, and detrimental effects on our health. Alternative sources of protein, like plant-based burgers and cricket snacks, may be the key out of this paradox.

The alternative proteins market is still relatively young but booming, and is dominated by plant-based protein sources – though novel sources like animal cell culture, fermented proteins and insect proteins are on the rise. This is a market that is set to grow substantially, driven by strong consumer pull, especially among the younger generations who are looking for more sustainable, animal-friendly and healthy food.

This paper addresses the challenges we face in the years to come.

Roland Berger is a consultancy and invites governments and stakeholders to think about the food system as a whole – from farm to fork. Roland Berger’s study ‘The Protein Revolution’ zooms in on the increasing demand for protein. Read and download the white paper here.