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Phycom partners in MULTI-STR3AM 

DECEMBER 2020 – Phycom is honoured with the approval of the MULTI-STRE3AM project. The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU) catalysts a sustainable bio-based economy in Europe. The BBI-JU project aims for a sustainable multi-strain, multi-method, multi-product microalgae biorefinery integrating industrial side streams to create high-value food, feed and fragrance products. As a biomass producer, Phycom benefits significantly from participating in MULTI-STR3AM and the emergence of the MULTIbiorefinery process. It enables the increased volume of cultivated microalgae while diversifying the sources of revenues by growing several types of complementary microalgae strains.
The project allows Phycom to expand its product portfolio and market microalgae as biomass to its current customer base, particularly for microalgae in high market demand (e.g. microalgae rich in omega-three fatty acids, protein or antioxidants). The company will market its biomass mainly in Europe. In the mid-term, the project and biorefinery allow Phycom to expand the portfolio with specific microalgae extracts. These allow Phycom to broaden its market scope to health, fragrances and pharma customers at a global level. The participation of robust and significant project partners in the food, feed and fragrances industries gives Phycom a unique opportunity to develop business opportunities close to end-users expectations and secure market access for the designed products.

Altogether, this project and the private investments of the project partners support the development of bio-based industries by providing the necessary means to scale up the production and processing of microalgae.

Phycom has complete confidence that A4F will excel in its role as Coordinator. Read more on the project and project par.tners here