Phycom interviewed by Protein Production Technology International magazine

In an exclusive interview, Anneke Roes, Representative at Phycom, shares the company’s groundbreaking strides in sustainable, high-quality food production. From scalable algae cultivation to meeting industry needs, Phycom’s four-pillar approach heralds a new era. With certified closed production systems, genome-sequenced algae strains, and 24/7 autonomous processes, Phycom is at the forefront of future food innovation.

Ones to Watch: ingredients

page 44 – Taste of the Future

Collaborations between food scientistm manufacturers, and biotech firms are driving the development of novel ingredients, setting the stage fir a new era in food prodcution that prioritizes sustainability, nutrition, and operational excellence. John Challen highlights 10 examples that have the potential to be a fixture in tomorrow’s world:

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