Een Vandaag

Phycom algae on Dutch television show Een vandaag 

In 2015 EenVandaag released the 5-part series ‘9 billion mouths’, about food. 


They make the bathroom dirty, you can get sick, and at high temperatures it kills fish. Algae, is a plant (red. micro crops); that most people don’t care much about. We generally deal with them with the most aggressive cleaning agents.

Wrong: because algae are extremely healthy, versatile and grow the fastest of all plants. They are full of vegetable proteins and are rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. In short, algae are a super crop.

That is why universities and companies are watching this oldest plant species in the world with great interest. For example, Wageningen University is researching how to cultivate algae on a large scale at the lowest possible price.

This low price is important to be able to grow the alga in less developed countries as well. And TNO has now developed a machine with which algae can be completely refined into proteins, proteins, traces, omega-3 oil, pigment and biodiesel.

The full series is published in Dutch on the EenVandaag website