Wageningen Livestock Research

Wageningen Livestock Research (WLR) sees prospects for the use of microalgae in animal feed: as a new source of protein, an additive to improve animal health and a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Compared to land plants, algae have a much higher protein yield per hectare, which makes microalgae attractive as a new source of protein.

A study conducted by WLR with pig cell lines has shown that microalgae have great potential for improving animal health and welfare. WLR is also investigating the transfer of omega-3 fatty acids from algae to table eggs.

In a collaborative project with Phycom, LTO-Noord and the Fund for Poultry Interests foundation, WLR is investigating whether the identified positive effects of microalgae in pig cell lines can also be used to improve the performance, health and welfare of broilers.

In order to better understand how microalgae influence animal metabolism, Phycom and WLR are currently exploring the possibilities for a new research project.

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