National Sports Centre Papendal

National Sports Centre Papendal and Phycom collaborated in the development of fruit juices and other food products with microalgae as a supplementary food ingredient. Together they have developed a number of successful recipes.

Since the 1970s, National Sports Centre Papendal has been the largest top-level sports and training centre in the Netherlands. Over 400 top athletes currently make use of the facilities on a daily basis. National Sports Centre Papendal has undergone considerable development, particularly in the last ten years. Nutrition and Innovation have been key areas of focus. The innovative development of food products led to the collaboration with Phycom.

In connection with the daily intake of sufficient micronutrients, both the Elite Sports Restaurant and the Science & Innovation department have decided to investigate the use of microalgae as an ingredient in food products, particularly for athletes. Within the framework of SportinnovatorNL ( and the Eat2Move partnership ( – the innovation hub for food and sport – a development programme has been launched.

The Elite Sports Restaurant wants to offer adequate and varied sources of micro- and macro-nutrients. In collaboration with Phycom, new products and recipes have been developed, such as the algae-containing juices. Particular attention was paid to certain micro-nutrients, such as B vitamins, D vitamins and minerals as well as macro-nutrients, such as oils and proteins.

Jeroen Wouters, Innovation Manager Sport and Nutrition, National Sports Centre Papendal, said,
‘There is still tremendous ground to be gained in the development of tailor-made foods for athletes: this has whet our appetite for more!’

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