Aqua Valley

Phycom is an active member since 2019

Aqua Valley is a large-scale project in which companies and research institutions in aquaculture work together. This cooperation focuses primarily on sharing knowledge and expertise to realize innovations faster and to apply them successfully. The idea is that the entire sector can take major steps ahead this way. After completion of the project (in 2021), all knowledge gathered is shared free of charge with the rest of the sector. Aqua Valley is not limited to the current participants. “The intention is explicitly to inspire other companies to participate in the Aqua Valley cluster.”

Aqua Valley also promotes the development and implementation of knowledge and techniques for organisations with a common interest in the aqua marine sector in Dutch province of Zeeland. The cluster represents the interests of the aquaculture sector. The consortium’s objectives include:

  • Promoting applied research
  • Sharing knowledge and connecting marine aquaculture sector organizations
  • Facilitating accessibility of facility-sharing for research and demonstration purposes
  • Encouraging collaboration in the field of hatchery, live food, breeding stock and re-circulation techniques
  • Improving the quality and availability of consumer fish products

With its knowledge on production systems, Phycom aims to cultivate algae especially grafted for aqua marine purposes: Algae as food for live food, algae for greasing shellfish and lastly, algae for farming shellfish. Phycom actively participates in meetings and provides expert input to the other project partners on algae composition, cultivation, algae products and process water purification.

Marco Dubbeldam, spokesperson for Aqua Valley; ‘Phycom entails specific expertise, which is a great addition to the Aqua Valley consortium. The cultivation system is very specific and therefore the quality of the algae can be directed to the desired application. That is new to us. Phycom therefore has knowledge and experience that is broader and further developed than most other algae producers. The various Aqua Valley partners can also benefit greatly from the knowledge that Phycom has gained about water purification processes.’

Aqua Valley is always seeking new parties interested in joining to promote collaboration in the aqua marine sector. Interested?
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