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Collaborate with business and knowledge institutions

Phycom seeks to promote the development of new products containing microalgae, mainly in collaboration with the business community and knowledge institutions. The partnerships with National Sports Centre Papendal, Wageningen Livestock Research, Micro-algen Platform and Feed Design Lab are good examples.

Wageningen Livestock Research Wageningen Livestock Research (WLR) sees prospects for the use of microalgae in animal feed: as a new source of protein, an additive to improve animal health and a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Compared to land plants, algae have a much higher protein yield per hectare, which makes microalgae attractive as a new source of […]
National Sports Centre Papendal National Sports Centre Papendal and Phycom collaborated in the development of fruit juices and other food products with microalgae as a supplementary food ingredient. Together they have developed a number of successful recipes. Since the 1970s, National Sports Centre Papendal has been the largest top-level sports and training centre in the Netherlands. Over 400 top […]
Micro-algenplatform The Micro-algen Platform’s mission is to further develop the microalgae sector through collaboration with various parties throughout the chain. Examples include food and feed producers, technology developers, processors, retailers, government and knowledge institutions. The platform represents the interests of the microalgae sector. The platform’s objectives include: Achieving greater awareness of microalgae Bringing together supply and […]
Feed Design Lab Phycom is a partner of Feed Design Lab: the research and education centre for innovation and sustainability in the animal feed sector. Feed and technology companies work together internationally, in an open innovation network, to achieve a sustainable animal production chain. To achieve this, a production facility has been created, where research on new raw […]
Aqua Valley Aqua Valley is a large-scale project in which companies and research institutions in aquaculture work together. This cooperation focuses primarily on sharing knowledge and expertise to realize innovations faster and to apply them successfully. The idea is that the entire sector can take major steps ahead this way. After completion of the project (in 2021), […]
IW4 IW4 is an ordinary company. Though with a special face. IW4 is a social work company where people with a work disability, entrepreneurs and social partners work together. In the municipalities of Veenendaal, Rhenen, Renswoude and Utrechtse Heuvelrug, IW4 is there for people who want to work, but find it harder to independently find the […]

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