Jimmy Doherty and the food price hike

One to watch– Jimmy and the Food Price Hike – food choices and impacts explained

MARCH 2014 – In this three-part series, farmer Jimmy Doherty travels worldwide to discover how the super-efficient global network that brings us our weekly food is affecting prices. Focusing on one meal in each episode – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – he discovers how the cost of food might be influenced by the big issues of the 21st century. Across the series, Jimmy finds out how extreme weather in America is affecting the cost of a loaf of bread; why China’s growing middle classes are making the ham sandwich more expensive; and why, in the future, the price of oil might drive up the price of your cornflakes.
A BBC Production.

Corn, Eggs, and Coffee: Jimmy and the Food Price Hike

Wheat, Pork, and Chocolate: Jimmy and the Food Price Hike

Rice, Salmon, and Beef: Jimmy and the Food Price Hike