Phycom prepares for growth

Change in management & Installation Supervisory Board, Founder & Former CEO Erwin Houtzager focuses on technology as CTO, CFO Willem Kuijsten broadens and becomes new CEO

Phycom interviewed by Protein Production Technology International magazine

In an exclusive interview, Anneke Roes, Representative at Phycom, shares the company’s groundbreaking strides in sustainable, high-quality food production. From scalable algae cultivation to meeting industry needs, Phycom’s four-pillar approach heralds a new era. With certified closed production systems, genome-sequenced algae strains, and 24/7 autonomous processes, Phycom is at the forefront of future food innovation. […]

Phycom Receives Funding to Accelerate Growth​

algae processing by Phycom

5 SEPTEMBER 2023 – Phycom announces an investment of over 9 million EUR from key partners today. The investment round secures microalgae cultivation with constant, top-tier quality on an industrial scale. The microalgae producer in Veenendaal, The Netherlands, is honoured that the investors have endorsed the future of food and funded microalgae production for healthy people and animals.


microalgenplatform logo

Micro-algen Platform’s mission is to further develop the microalgae sector through collaboration with various parties throughout the chain.

Feed Design Lab

inside the Feed Design Lab

Phycom is a partner of Feed Design Lab: the research and education centre for innovation and sustainability in the animal feed sector. In an open innovation network, feed and technology companies work together internationally to achieve a sustainable animal production chain. To achieve this, a production facility has been created where research on new raw […]

Green Algae: inspirational films 

Bas Cloo 2022-08-26 105104

APRIL 2021 – To better inspire product developers, we’ve been collaborating with two chefs to bring out the use of algae in food. Bas Cloo and Joris Schildknecht (a.k.a. the vegetable chef) have worked together to bring out the properties of algae. The assignment was not to think about recipes but rather the technical functionality […]