Microalgae for immunomodulation and gut health improvement in poultry industry

The upsurge in the poultry products demand has made it indispensable for an augmented supply of quality feed and nutrition to the poultry industry. The extreme use of antibiotics as growth promoters in the poultry industry has outstretched the problems of microbial resistance to antibiotics and entry into the food chain, ultimately affecting consumers. Thus, emphasis to enhance the immunity of birds is essential. This can be achieved with immune modulators and gut health-promoting ingredients used as a supplement in the feed. Novel sources such as microalgae can be a part of poultry feed ration, owing to their rich protein, essential amino acids, fatty acids profile and presence of bioactive molecules that have immunomodulation and gut health-enhancing properties. The current review emphasizes the need for
immunomodulation and gut health in the poultry industry and highlights specifically the role of microalgae in immunomodulatory response and gut health improvement in birds. Read the article