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Phycom has been an active member since 2017

The Micro-algen Platform’s mission is to further develop the microalgae sector through collaboration with various parties throughout the chain. Examples include food and feed producers, technology developers, processors, retailers, government and knowledge institutions.

The platform represents the interests of the microalgae sector. The platform’s objectives include:

  • Achieving greater awareness of microalgae
  • Bringing together supply and demand
  • Increasing the involvement of investors and public institutions
  • Tackling legal barriers
  • Assuring the quality and safety of algae

Phycom actively participates in meetings and provides expert input to the European standardization of algae and algae products on behalf of Micro-algae Platform.

Marjolein van der Spiegel, Micro-algae Platform, said, ‘The active collaboration between Phycom and Micro-algae Platform is valuable for developing the algae sector.’

Micro-algae Platform is always seeking new parties interested in joining to promote faster sector growth. Interested? Visit or send an email to