Solutions for the sustainability of the food production and consumption system

Due to the increasing population, there is high concern about whether the current food system will be able to provide enough healthy food for 10 billion people by 2050. The general opinion is that it is possible to feed this population, but the food system requires major transformations on behalf of promoting sustainability, reducing food waste and stimulating a change toward diets healthy for humans and also sustainable for the planet.

This article will review some detected problems in food production and consumption. In food production, current problems like the destruction of land ecosystems, overfishing or generation of high amounts of residues stand out. Some solutions have been described, such as implementing agroecology, improving the productivity of aquaculture or re-valorization by-products. In food consumption, the main problems are food fraud and unhealthy dietary patterns, whose main solutions are standardization along the food chain and education on healthy lifestyles. Concluding, the food system should change toward more sustainable practices and behaviours in other to ensure the subsistence of the present and future generations.