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There is a lot to know about microalgae. So much even that we – as algae creators – can start a small library on this matter. To help you, we here publish scientific papers, articles and even a book, to give you food for thought about microalgae and the times we live in.

Take advantage of these Phycom validated publications, and if you have any questions, please contact us

Microalgae can steer metabolic and immunological processes

To better understand micro algae’s mode of action when applied as an additive in diets, porcine intestinal epithelial cells (IPEC-J2), …

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Effects of Feeding Chlorella vulgaris in Broiler Chickens a Wageningen UR study

Chlorella vulgaris (CV) is a microalga of great interest for broiler production, due to its nutritional and functional properties. Currently, …

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Our impact on the Sustainable Development Goals

Phycom ticks 6 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Read how!

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Opportunities for applying algae in feed

In 2014-2016 Acrres, a part of Wageningen UR identified the opportunities for applying algae in feed. The published report describes …

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Dietary effects on growth and reproduction of freshwater zooplankton

In an aquatic habitat, zooplankton organisms are extremely valuable aquaculture resources. Potential zooplankton species (Ceriodaphnia cornuta) have been further explored …

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The Protein Transformation

The world’s consumers love animal-based protein, so much so that in 2020 they ate 574 million metric tons’ worth of …

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Uneven dietary development

Linking the policies and processes of globalisation with the nutrition transition, obesity and diet-related chronic diseases. In a “nutrition transition”, …

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Algae and their potential …

…for a future bio-economy, landless food production, and the socio-economic impact of an algae industry.

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The Protein Revolution, the future of food

Proteins play a crucial role in human health. And with rising income levels and a multiplying global population, the demand …

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Transformation of our food systems, the making of a paradigm shift

Many scientists and other experts believe that the present decade will be the last chance to keep global warming and …

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Microalgae for immunomodulation and gut health improvement in poultry industry

The review highlights the role of microalgae in immunomodulatory response and gut health improvement in birds.

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Solutions for the sustainability of the food production and consumption system

Due to the increasing population, there is high concern about whether the current food system will be able to provide …

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The Food Gap Explained

The global population continues to grow and the demand for food will rise significantly as a result. Due to increasing …

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Phycology is a branch of life sciences and originates from Ancient Greek. The term consists of Phûkos (φῦκος), which means …

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Managing water sustainably is key to the future of food and agriculture

Agriculture production is highly dependent on water and increasingly subject to water risks. It is also the largest using sector …

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