Algae in meat analogues

  • 100% vegan protein source: one of the future’s most exciting and scalable protein sources.
  • algae enrich products with their complete composition profile with fatty acids, fibres, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 
  • some algae have binding and emulsifying functional properties.
  • green algae provide a pleasant “umami” flavour and a beautiful, natural and appealing colour. The yellow and white algae offer a more neutral taste.
  • add algae as a protein source to the batter for specific colour and taste purposes.

Algae are an excellent ingredient for meat replacement products as they are bursting with protein and much-needed amino acids. Microalgae are also suitable as a flavouring and binding agent in meat alternatives; some even can replace methylcellulose.
Algae are available in various colour and taste profiles. Our algae range from white and yellow to a natural dark green and from a neutral to a strong umami taste profile. Phycom microalgae have consistent quality and superior purity.

Benefits of Phycom algae in meat analogues

We will gladly use our know-how to help you identify innovative product applications involving microalgae. We have experience with product development in the alternative meats and fish segment. So, Phycom can help you develop these alternatives containing microalgae. Contact us and discover the possibilities for your product. 

Algae suitable for meat and fish analogues

Chlorella sorokiniana powder

Chlorella sorokiniana

Intense green natural colourant
Characteristic umami flavour
Composition: 5% fatty acids,
20% fibre, 38% protein

Chlorella vulgaris powder

Chlorella vulgaris

Intense green natural colourant
Mild umami flavour
Composition: 15% fatty acids,
30% fibre, 40% protein

Golden Chlorella

Golden Chlorella®

Natural yellow colour
Sweet corn-like flavour
Composition: 14% fatty acids,
34% fibre, 37% protein
®Trade mark of Alver World SA

Parachlorella kessleri powder

Parachl. kessleri Sol

Deep yellow to ocher colour
Creamy near nutty flavour
Composition: 9% fatty acids,
19% fibre, 29% protein