Algae in feed for young livestock

  • improved health: there are indications that microalgae in feed improve gut health and activate the immune system
  • improved performance: faster growth and better feed conversion
  • sustainability: microalgae are a natural, sustainable ingredient
  • microalgae can steer metabolic and immunological processes

In an in vitro study, Wageningen UR has shown that microalgae positively impact the immune system. It, in turn, has a positive effect on animal health.
We gladly share our experiences in applying algae as a starter feed and use our know-how to help you identify product applications, such as supplement powders and tablets containing microalgae.

Algae are available in various colour and nutrient densities. Our algae range from white and yellow to a natural dark green, all with different nutrient compositions. Phycom microalgae have consistent quality and superior purity.

Benefits of Phycom algae in feed for young livestock

We will gladly use our know-how to help you identify innovative product applications involving microalgae. We have experience with product development in the young animals segment. So, Phycom can help you develop these speciality and starter feeds containing microalgae. Contact us and discover the possibilities for your product.

Algae suitable for starter and specialty feed applications

Chlorella sorokiniana powder

Chlorella sorokiniana

Intense green natural colourant
Characteristic umami flavour
Composition: 5% fatty acids,
20% fibre, 38% protein

Chlorella vulgaris powder

Chlorella vulgaris

Intense green natural colourant
Mild umami flavour
Composition: 15% fatty acids,
30% fibre, 40% protein

Golden Chlorella

Golden Chlorella®

Natural yellow colour
Sweet corn-like flavour
Composition: 14% fatty acids,
34% fibre, 37% protein
®Trade mark of Alver World SA

Parachlorella kessleri powder

Parachl. kessleri Sol

Deep yellow to ocher colour
Creamy near nutty flavour
Composition: 9% fatty acids,
19% fibre, 29% protein