Phycom algae on the menu at Gelre Food Plaza during the World Volleyball tournament

SEPTEMBER 2022 – The Women’s Volleyball World Cup is all about healthy and sustainable food. During the first phase of the tournament, which takes place from September 23 to October 2 in Gelredome in Arnhem, various entrepreneurs and organizations are offered a stage to show visitors from all over the world what Gelderland has to offer in terms of nutrition.

Also Phycom and our algae are a part of the healthy, sustainable and tasty food during the Volleyball World Cup in Gelre Food Plaza!

Jeroen Wouters, Lead Global Connections Foodvalley NL, Innovation Manager Sports and Nutrition, SportCentrum Papendal and Eat2Move: “It is great that the topic of ‘Nutrition’ is central to the Volleyball World Cup, connecting the worlds of sport and nutrition. This multi-partner collaboration creates an eating environment to encourage consumers to make healthy and sustainable food choices. Initiatives from now and from the future will be put forward during this World Cup and contribute to a healthier eating environment during a major event.”

Learn more about the event on their (Dutch) website