Noodles and pasta

Microalgae in noodles and pasta

Phycom can help you develop noodles and pasta containing microalgae to add protein and other nutrition fortification. More and more alternative raw materials are being used in noodles and pasta products. And there is more colour variety as well. Algae give noodles and pasta a natural green colour and a unique “umami” flavour. Phycom microalgae have consistent quality and superior purity.


Benefits of microalgae in noodles and pasta

  • Colour: a beautiful, natural green or yellow colour, depending on the algae species.
  • Taste: “umami” is already a well-known concept in Asian cuisine, the fifth of the primary taste groups.
  • Essential nutrients: source of protein, fatty acids and antioxidants.

Product forms

Algae flakes

  • Packaging 15 kg in bag-in-box, up to 750 kg per pallet
  • Maximum shelf life 2 years
  • Brittle flakes of different sizes and thicknesses
  • Suitable for marbled colouring in dough products

Algae powder

  • Packaging 25 kg per bag, up to 1 tonne per pallet
  • Maximum shelf life 2 years
  • Fine powder, easily mixed
  • Suitable for all dough products

Algae paste

  • Packaging 1m3 IBC, up to 800 kg per IBC
  • Maximum shelf life 24 hours
  • Easily soluble
  • Ideal for direct use in energy shots or boosters

Algae pellets (IQF)

  • Packaging 10 kg in bag-in-box, up to 640 kg per pallet
  • Maximum shelf life 2 years
  • Highly soluble and easily processed once thawed
  • Suitable for food and feed use

Discover the possibilities for your product

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