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Better meat alternatives

Algae by Phycom are an excellent ingredient for meat replacement products as they burst with protein, much-needed amino acids, fibres and vitamins and minerals. Algae are a natural and highly efficient source of protein and essential amino acids and are high in antioxidants. Microalgae are also suitable as a flavouring and binding agent in meat alternatives, some even can replace methylcellulose. Phycom microalgae have consistent quality and superior purity.

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Benefits of microalgae in meat alternatives

  • 100% vegan protein source: one of the most interesting and scalable protein sources for the future.
  • Binder: suitable as a binding agent and can partially replace egg-white.
  • Taste and Colour: gives a pleasant “umami” flavour and depending on the algae species a beautiful, natural green colour.

Applicable products for meat alternatives

Algae paste

  • Packaging 1m3 IBC, up to 800 kg per IBC
  • Easily soluble
  • Suitable for direct use in burger or nugget shapes

Algae pellets (IQF)

  • Packaging 10 kg in bag-in-box, up to 640 kg per pallet
  • Maximum shelf life 2 years
  • Highly soluble once thawed

Algae flakes

  • Packaging 15 kg in bag-in-box, up to 750 kg per pallet
  • Brittle flakes of different sizes and thicknesses
  • Suitable for the “herb look” in meat alternatives

Algae powder

  • Packaging 25 kg per bag, up to 1 tonne per pallet
  • Fine powder, easily mixed
  • Suitable for uniform colouring in burger or nugget shapes

Discover the possibilities for your product

Want to know what Phycom can do for your product? We can help you develop meat alternatives containing microalgae. We will gladly use our expertise to help you identify innovative product applications involving microalgae.

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