Phycom joins Aqua Valley


On June 18th Phycom officially joined the Aqua Valley Consortium. This approval followed the positive vote at the last partner meeting. After various constructive introductory talks with existing Aqua Valley partners, Phycom appears to be a suitable addition.

Aqua Valley is a large-scale project in which companies and research institutions active in aquaculture work together. This cooperation focuses on sharing knowledge and expertise to realize innovations faster and to apply them successfully.

In this project Phycom wants to lay the foundation for the realization of a new production plant for saltwater and saltwater algae specifically for the aqua feed sector. Joining Aqua Valley offers Phycom the opportunity to further deepen the needs of breeders. For example, the ideal nutrient composition of algae for the different types of aquaculture can be given substance to.

Leo van Bochove, contact person from Phycom; “We are very pleased to join Aqua Valley. The aqua marine sector is one of the strategic objectives of Phycom. This project accelerates the development and deployment of our knowledge and expertise in the commercial production of high-quality algae for the aqua marine sector. ”

Water purification is a major topic within Aqua Valley. Process water purification plays an important role both in aquaculture and in the closed algae production system. Phycom would like to share her experiences about this within the project.

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