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Why algae

Algae are whole food, can provide more and healthier food. Also, algae can uniquely be full-circle, sustainably produced every step of the way. Microalgae grow ten times faster than traditional crops or plants, and algae can be harvested much more often than the twice a year harvest of conventional plants.
Algae do not need fertiliser, pesticides or large amounts of scarce water and land that traditional agriculture needs.

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Applications of algae

Algae for people and animals

Microalgae are natural, sustainable ingredients that hold opportunities for innovative product development thanks to their nutritional and functional properties. Phycom works closely with the food and feed industries to identify various product applications. Examples in food include the use of microalgae in smoothies, noodles, bread and meat alternatives. In the feed industry, microalgae find their way into feed for young livestock, pets, horses and fish. The addition of microalgae offers both general and product-specific benefits.

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